Akira Amani
Image of Humbled Kingdom Eagle Necklace

Humbled Kingdom Eagle Necklace


‘To remain humble at times of victory shows power beyond measure.'

I have found that the most powerful people are those that choose not to boast, they are not loud and do not always have win every argument. They will fight for what they believe in and will work hard to achieve great things, but they are humble in victories, often to the point that others never hear of them. But these are the people that hold families and communities together. It’s not until they are gone that everything crumbles, then people realise how powerful they were, like huge strong sturdy yet silent mountains supporting and holding everything in place.

This design was inspired those precious people as you inspire me everyday.

Pendant available in Gold or Silver

Pendant size: W 20cm x H 6.5cm
Chain length: 30cm in full

Made with love from mirrored acrylic and silver plated chain, all sourced from the UK.

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