Akira Amani




Akira Amani - wearable art for the fearless.

"I design and produce wearable art because I believe everyone is born for greatness. By greatness I mean discovering things we never imagined we could achieve, finding indestructible strength within - when we feel we can't make it through challenging times. The wearable art  sits close to the heart as a continuous reminder- that your life is an adventure, be brave and shape it the way you want it. Conscientiously or not, we are all constantly communicating to the world, who we are, through what we wear. I wanted to create something that would not only speak to the world, but more importantly, speak to you. Each piece celebrates your triumphs and makes you feel unstoppable. "
-Akira Amani

*All pieces are unisex. Lovingly hand made in London by the designer. Shipped world wide.

About Akira 

Akira Amani received a BA honers in Design Communication from Chelsea, University of arts London and later went on to study Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths. After working as a designer and illustrator for companies including Alberto V05, Nokia and Universal Pictures, Akira went on to exhibit her own personal artwork. It was here that Akira recognised the true psychological impact design has on the way we feel and think. As a customer remarked β€œI wish I could carry that canvas (pointing to Akira's art work) around with me everywhere as I feel incredibly empowered by it”. This sparked the thought of turning her artwork into wearable pieces so that people could feel good everyday.

After the first showcase of Akira's wearable art, the Akira Amani brand was instantly picked up by Not On The High Street, Shopcade and was promoted at london fashion week Feb 2014 as well as with We make London at Camden Lock.

Later, Akira worked with hollywood film company Legendary to design jewellery and various fashion products for the release of the film Crimson Peak.

Akira currently teaches design at the BRIT school, working with 14-18 year olds, supporting them in achieving their goals.